• Disinfectant Sprayer

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Disinfectant Sprayer

3x's More effective than trigger spray bottles

Sanitize Quickly & Efficiently with the touch of a button

Safer Restaurants

Disinfect large areas Quickly with a wireless 8 speed remote control


The Lightest and Most Comfortable Backpack Disinfectant Sprayer on the Market.

Our remote-controlled 8-speed, atomized mist system puts you in total control of the antimicrobial dispersion process. It enables the user to spray (with most solutions) areas in the proximity of other people.Unlike mass-area sprayers, our systems spray-reach is approximately 36 inches. Traditional Foggers allow solutions to linger in the air for much longer periods of time, and should only be used in vacated spaces. 

The PSS can be used to spray both small and large areas with far superior coverage (4000-5000 sq. ft. per hour) than traditional trigger style spray bottles, making it perfect for consumer or commercial use. The whole system is portable, wireless, rechargeable, and a fraction of the cost of electrostatic sprayers. It's lightweight, easy to operate, and comfortable to wear all day. Sanitize like a professional quickly and efficiently. 

Sanitize & Disinfect like a Pro!

Non-electrostatic / Atomized mist sprayer

Portable Sanitizing System Backpack

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Greatest System Ever!

" We got this system for the athletic department at our college and it's the reason we can stay open longer in such uncertain times "

T. Habernacky

Wand Attachment is an essential add-on

" I have this system for my restaurants in California, we are greatful " !

A. Thomas

Amazing System

" The wand attachment has been a great addition to the PSS. It allows me to conveniently get to those hard to reach areas "

William W.

Great Portable System

I have used this in the application of our product (PreventX 24/7) and it works great. The adjustment capability is what brings this design to the forefront for applicators. Light and easy to use I would recommend this to everyone who wants to apply disinfectants or barrier treatments for surfaces.

Micheal M.

Perfect Sanitizing Delivery Method

" This Extreme Mist Portable Sanitize System is ideal, easy to use and does an amazing job! I purchased a second one for our workplace. It is an answer to our sanitizing needs and now everyone is fighting to be on sanitizing duty!! Lightweight, no strain or repetitive work injury concerns, very quiet and non intrusive to guests. Added bonus, guests see someone on the job keeping them safe. Highly recommend this equipment "

J. Fawcett