Customer FAQ's

We understand that not every purchase works out, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please see our Warranty Policy for full details.

We’ve put together a list of FAQ to help you understand any issues before having to return any items. Take a look:

What should I do if my pack is leaking fluid?

Turn off Pump. Identify if the leak is coming from the blue pump or the bladder. Check to see if the Reservoir is punctured or open. Double-check the connections usually the hoses need to be fully seated past the inner "O-ring" to insure a liquid seal. Refer to the video for further questions.

How do I get my pump to work if it doesn't come on?

Make sure the battery is charged. check to see if there is a blockage in the hoses. Be mindful of the position of the unit while removing hoses so no solution flings out of hoses.

Can I put insecticide in my Backpack?

Putting anything other than sanitizing or disinfecting solution will void the warranty. We don't suggest using the PSS for anything other than appropriate solutions. But you can use your system as you see fit.

What if the nozzle isn't working?

If you turn the system on and it's a continuous stream, there may be an issue with the internal nozzle pin. Determine if there is fluid coming from the hose by turning on the pump and detaching the nozzle from the wand tip or L-connector. Allow fluid to run before reattaching the mist nozzle. If the problem persists replace nozzle head with additional .20mm nozzle head. Turn on the system and apply slight pressure to the reservoir until mist resumes. See User Manuals & Videos

When I turn it on nothing happens what should I do?

Make sure the battery is charged. Press the main button on the battery to see if indicator lights are on. Next, determine if the pump is turning on by listening to see if the motor rumbles in the backpack. Vapor lock can occur on new systems at times just detach L connector or wand from the main hose to allow fluid to run through the system. Put light pressure on the reservoir when the pump is on to force out any blockage.

How large of an area will it spray?

Depending on the speed chosen, around 12" from the nozzle tip.

Why won't my unit turn on?

Determine if the battery is charged, and remote is synced properly. See User Manuals & Videos

What is the best way to store my PSS unit

With the hanging loop, the PSS should be stored vertically from door handles, wall hangers, and other upright storage solutions to prevent leakage. We suggest that you charge the battery every time after usage. Keep stored in room temperature conditions, make sure to keep out of the reach of children. If not in use, charge the battery every 6mo. to keep the battery from degrading over time.

What about defective or flawed items?
We stand behind all of our products. If your item is defective or flawed, and it’s been less than 14 days since your purchase, simply choose one of the options above to return the item. If it’s been more than 14 days since your purchase, please contact us to return the item.

See our warranty information for additional details.

For your convenience, ExtremeMist purchases of new products can be returned by mail, with proof of purchase, regardless of whether you made your purchase online, or in-store.